It is difficult to watch environmental tragedies unfold in the news causing more deaths and damage. Whether it is annual river flooding in the Midwest, catastrophic fires in California, increasing twister destruction along "Tornado Alley", the bi-monthly tidal flood surges along the coasts, multiple billion-dollar hurricane damage, spreading and unending droughts. Insurance companies continue to ensure people and businesses who repeat the same mistakes over and over. In your gut, you know trouble is coming your way too. 


Climate Crisis Catalog has gathered the tools to provide you the means to prepare for the inevitable future of continued climate crisis damage. First look to see where your home or business is threatened so you can begin to make your plan. Create a plan by choosing products and services you'll need from the recommended Climate Crisis Catalog pages and learn more from their unique Websites. You can survive and thrive if begin now to adapt to the inevitable climate crisis economy.

California wildfires have caused >3.5 billion dollars.

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This resource site provides reviews and links to smart home tech, green products and eco-friendly services with practical solutions needed to survive and thrive in the new climate crisis economy.

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