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Climate Crisis Catalog has reviewed and recommends these clothing makers because their products are ruggedly tested by consumers and have a sustainable mission/vision for the environment in their manufacturing practices and activist campaigns. 

Our target market prefer jeans and boots over suits. You are more likely to be outdoor active than a couch potato. Clothes for you are a functional tool and not a fashion statement which are fickle and feckless.


If you are what you wear then these recommended clothes say you are an independent DIY type, ready to meet all challenges head-on in the climate crisis economy.


Embrace layering: In this tried-and-true strategy each clothing layer has a unique function, and you add or subtract those layers to adapt to changing conditions.

Anticipate conditions: Your health and protection is utterly dependent on what you packed, and your climate-controlled exit vehicle is many miles away.

Focus on function, not fashion: No one looks good when they feel miserable.

Get good hiking boots or trail shoes: One of the most important things you’ll wear on the trail, shoes are your first big decision. 

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This resource site provides reviews and links to smarthome tech, green products and eco-friendly services with practical solutions needed to survive and thrive in the new climate crisis economy.

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